How To Get More Movement!!

Workout Guide!!

If You Think You Feel Too Bad To Exercise, WATCH THIS 90 second video!

You know you’ve gotta move your body!

Not just to change it, but to nurture it, to care for it!

We aren’t getting any younger mamas and our bodies are beginning to FEEL that!

These exercise ideas are simple and can be done from home!


You don't need a gym and you don't need to workout 5-7 days a week to achieve your body composition goals. So my best advice is JUST MOVE YOUR BODY!!

Yes strength training can be more effective because it utilizes your muscles, which help us retain or grow muscle... but htere's no reason why you can't do that from home 3-4 days a week with nothing but a set of dumbbells!

Make your own workout by choosing:

2 Lower Body Exercises

2 Upper Body Exercises

1 Metabolic Exercise

and 1 Core Exercise out of the below exercises (click to see a demonstration video)!

Once you have chosen your exercises set a timer. 15-20 minutes

Do 10 repitions of each exercise moving through a circuit.

Complete the cirucit as many times as possible until your timer goes off.

Take water and rest breaks as needed.

Don't forget to do some dynamic stretching to warm up, and some static stretching at the end! I love to do 5-30 min Yoga almost every day as well! This has helped with my flexibility, mobility and recovery from other exercises as well as helping me connect to my body.

Lower Body Exercises:

Dumbbell Goblet Squat -

Goblet Lateral Squat -

Prisoner Squat -

Bodyweight Squat to Box -

Goblet Lunge -

Rear Foot Elevated DB Split Squat -

Dumbbell Step Up -

Single Leg Hip Thrust -

Single Leg Glute Bridge -

Reverse Lunge -

Calf Raise -

Dumbbell Romanina Deadlift -

Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift -

Wall Sit -

Unilateral DB Deadlift -

Upper Body Exercises

Dumbbell Bench Press -

Alternating DB Bench Press -

Pushup -

Hands Elevated Pushup -

Feet Elevated Pushup -

Seated DB Overhead Press -

Single Arm Seated Overhead Press -

Bent Over Dumbbell Row -

Single Arm Dumbbell Row -

Renegade Row -

Eccentric Chin up -

Alternating Dumbbell Curl -

Hammer Curl -

Single Arm Dumbbell Curl -

Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension -

Core Exercises

Plank -

Reverse Crunch -

Bodyweight Get Up -

Dead Bug -

Walking Farmers Carry -

Single Arm Plank -

Side Plank -

Bird Dog -

Inch Worm -

Metabolic Exercises

Burpee -

Mountain Climber -

Squat Thrust -

Jumping Jacks -

My Philosophy On Exercise Has Changed A LOT Over The Years!!

When I am working with a client to develop a training or workout program. We begin by creating movement based on preferences, goals and lifestyle.

My focus is on making programs which are fun, challenging and effective as well as time efficient and again, flexible.

Whatever the goal is, whether it’s functional and performance related, (stronger, more energetic, improved cardiovascular levels or flexibility, better sports performance etc.) or aesthetic (build a booty, get murves a.k.a. muscles which create curves, decrease body fat etc.) or a combination of the two, I’ve got it covered.

I work with all kinds of clients from complete newbies who have never touched a piece of gym equipment to elite or retired athletes.

I LOVE variety in my workouts!

Most days I lift weights.

But at least once a week I cycle.

At least once a week I take a Yoga class.

And at least once a week I do something super fun like play with the kids at the park, do some kickboxing, dance around like a super silly lunatic mom in the living room or go on a hike.

However, I also love every now and again to do super badass movements like climb the rope, sledge hammer a tire or push a really heavy sled.


Because I can.

Because I am strong.

Because I had a crap day and need to release some aggression.

Because I need to remind myself that I really am badass.

Lean in closely for just a minute.

I have always loved exercise.

BUT I have not always moved my body in postitve ways.

For years, I exercised more out of guilt or in an obligation to burn off "being bad over the weekend".

Luckily having children not only changed my body, but it forced me to look at some of the habits I DID NOT want to hand down to my kids.

And exercising from guilt or punishing myself for having pizza and wings on Friday was not something I wanted to continue.

DEEP in my being I know the truth!!


Our bodies are meant to move and thrive!

The key to getting lasting results is to find ways to move your body that you love and enjoy and feel good to you!

They also need to be effective and short if you don’t have a lot of time but who says they can’t be freaking fun and move you towards your goal, right?!

The way I operate is that you get to have both and you should have both!

I call it disciplined flow.

Moving your body enough to create results but also being flexible so it never comes from an energy of obligation.

Creating results from celebrating your abilities and moving your body often because IT'S THE ONLY BODY YOU GET IN THIS WORLD and it deserves to be treated well!

Having a good variety of workouts and movement AND seeing your body get stronger and more toned is just the best….I know my clients love it!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be torturous and if it was it wouldn’t be sustainable, would it?

What’s the point of achieving the body of your dreams to only have it for a moment in time?

Long-term strategy equals long-term results and sustainability.

You get to have it all, I promise

Here Is A 10 Min Workout AND A 20 Min Workout You Can Do With Me!!

You can split this video into 2 separate workouts or put together for a bigger challenge!!

If you found this content helpful and want a personalized plan to make your life healthier and happier give me a call!

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